Workshops / Trainings

The Leibniz ScienceCampus’ mission is to promote collaborative research and knowledge exchange with a focus on the self-reflexive understanding of Eastern Europe through globalisation projects. The EEGA achieves this collaboration through joint research activities and engagement projects, connecting senior and junior researchers at universities and research institutes, tailored audiences and the public. Open-rank and cross-institutional network activities and public events create an efficient platform for excellent cooperation and exchange. Part of these collaborative activities are thematic workshops, including thematic writing retreats and discussion fora, organised by and for Postdocs.

Furthermore, the ScienceCampus EEGA offers trainings and courses for skills for successful career development in neighbouring fields of academia for different target audiences. The workshops are designed for small groups of Postdocs and are planned by the participants themselves. Topics for trainings and workshops can range from expertise in developing funding applications to specific skill-sets for writing essays for publication in newspapers to forms of writing a scientific blog or newsletter.

For upcoming workshops and trainings, please see the Event calendar.

Past Events

Workshop New York (September 2019)

Coaching Workshop Project Management (August 2019)

Open Access Coaching (March 2019)

Coaching Workshop with Ruprecht Polenz (January 2018)

Writing Sweatshop

Design Thinking Workshop

Coachings for successful development of funding applications