„More-than-Human Borderlands and Mobilities in Central and Eastern Europe“

The workshop, organised by Larissa Fleischmann, Kristine Beurskens, Bettina Bruns and Jonathan Everts for EEGA’s research area 1 “Mobilities and migration regimes in Eastern Europe under the global condition”, took place at the premises of the University of Leipzig at Strohsackpassage in the very city centre of Leipzig. Over the course of two consecutive days, twenty participants from Germany and several Eastern European countries and beyond came together to explore potentials for a more-than-human perspective on borderlands and mobilities. By doing so, this workshop aimed to contribute to posthumanist and more-than-human approaches, which have experienced a rise to prominence across the social sciences throughout the past years, by (a) exploring the relevance of these perspectives for mobility and border studies, paying particular attention to the more-than-human assemblages that come together in mobilities and bordering processes and (b) to strengthen these emerging debates in exchange with researchers across Central and Eastern Europe.

Read the report on the workshop „More-than-Human Borderlands and Mobilities in Central and Eastern Europe“ (December 1-2 2022).

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