The Leibniz ScienceCampus model is the Leibniz Association’s answer to the often-lamented parallel existence of university and non-university research (“pillarisation”) in the German research system. Leibniz ScienceCampi promote cooperation on an equal footing between Leibniz institutions and universities in the form of thematically focused, complementary regional partnerships. The objective is to create networks to drive the respective research field and to strengthen the scientific environment for the relevant themes. The networks conduct strategic research, encourage interdisciplinarity in their topics, projects and methods, enhance the visibility of the respective location and hone its research profile (see:

The Leibniz ScienceCampus „Eastern Europe – Global Area“ (EEGA) is an overall integrative platform and collaborative research network that focuses on the development of new research perspectives on Eastern Europe’s changing role in current and historical processes of globalization. It supports and connects both senior and junior researchers from within and outside Eastern Europe at universities and research institutes. Moreover, it is committed to promoting knowledge transfer between science and the public.

EEGA’s mission is to promote collaborative research and knowledge exchange through joint research activities and engagement projects, connecting senior and junior researchers at universities and research institutes, tailored audiences and the public with a focus on the self-reflexive understanding of Eastern Europe through globalisation projects.

The EEGA supports both research, which reaches beyond topics regarding Eastern Europe, and historical projects, which present an explicit and plausible connection to the study of the global linkages of Eastern Europe. The EEGA aims at being aware of the distinct histories of those linkages, which are remembered in different ways. Both dimensions (historical linkages and the role of cultures of memory) are subject of the Leibniz-Campus and shall be supported.

EEGA brings together interdisciplinary knowledge and expertise from researchers affiliated with both, universities and research institutes, in the Leipzig-Jena-Halle science region. It focusses on protagonists, stakeholders, and their global interactions. Together with partners from the region, EEGA explores the fields of migration and mobilities; business strategies and political economies; cultural and intellectual perspectives and identities; and political integration in a changing global arena.