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Past Events

EEGA Annual Conference “Beyond the collapse: Globalization projects in Eastern Europe before and after 2022” (May 16-17, 2023)

Research Forum at the XXIII International Congress of Historical Sciences Poznań 2020/2022 (August 21-27, 2022)

Workshop and Conference “Post-Imperial and Post-Socialist Legacies in Today’s Populisms in Central and Eastern Europe” (December 2021 / June 2022)

BASEES Annual Conference in Cambridge, UK (April 8-10, 2022)

BASEES Regional Conference in Leipzig (April 20-24, 2021)

Joint Annual Conference (June 12–15, 2019)

Joint Annual Conference of EEGA and GWZO (July 3-5, 2018)

Interdisciplinary Conference – Self-Positioning of Eastern European Societies in Global Relations – Conceptions of Space and Self-Presentations in School Textbooks (November 5-7, 2017)