BASEES Annual Conference in Cambridge, UK (8.-10. April 2022)

From 8th to 10th April the British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies (BASEES) held its 2022 annual conference, BASEES 2022, at Robinson College, Cambridge, United Kingdom.

EEGA was present with a panel and a round table discussion.

The topic of the roundtable has been “Eastern Europe, the Soviet Union, and African Decolonization: New Perspective”


Lena Dallywater, (Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography)
Christopher Saunders, (University of Cape Town)
Helder Adegar Fonseca, (University of Evora)
Natalia Telepneva, (University of Strathclyde)

The Panel with EEGA spokespearson and IfL director Prof. Sebastian Lentz was about “New Regionalisms in Eastern Europe”.


Dr Ekaterina Mikhailova: “Movers and Shakers of Local New Regionalism on Russian borders with Norway and Finland”
Prof Corey Johnson: “Energy Regionalisms in Central and Eastern Europe”
Prof Margarita Balmaceda: “Nodes, the (Re)Ordering of Energy Spaces and Regionalism: A case study of Flows from Russia to the EU”

Here are some impressions of the conference panel. A more detailed report can be found in our Open Access Library.