Summer Schools

Our annual Summer School with media representatives focuses on exploring ways to popularise research in Global and Eastern European Studies. It is directed towards scientists, journalists and students and aims at bringing these three groups together for fruitful exchanges of ideas. To improve mutual learning, the science side presents research questions and results with the aim to inform the media representatives about interesting new topics, while journalists teach the academic side about formatting the scientific content in a way that it is amenable for them. These exchanges have the character of workshops, media trainings, discussion fora, best-practice examples, lectures etc.

Our second Summer School took place on the 22-25 September 2019. The four-day event was dedicated to „Populism in European Societies – Repercussions in the Media“. In thematic panels, round table discussions, specific trainings and workshops, we deepened the dialogue of science and media of last year’s summer school.

Read the conference report on our second Summer School by Gemma Pörzgen here.