Critical Approaches to Militarisation and Space

The workshop “Critical Approaches to Militarisation and Space”, organised by Kathrin Hörschelmann (Bonn University), Bettina Bruns (IfL, RA 1) and Linda Ruppert (Freiburg University) took place at the premises of the University of Leipzig at Strohsackpassage in the very city centre of Leipzig.

Over the course of two consecutive days, fifteen participants from Germany, the UK, Poland, Finland, Czech Republic, Norway, the US, Ireland, and Ukraine came together to exchange approaches to and research ideas on the topic of militarisation from different spatial perspectives. By doing so, this workshop aimed to connect a wide range of disciplines on the topic, from geographic and political frames to anthropological and historical angles. Furthermore, the speakers presented different temporal views onto the subject, for example looking at British drone experiments in the Interwar period, research on contemporary military education in Poland as well as hypothesising future warfare. The participants established new and strengthened existing connections and made plans for a Special Issue with reflections on the workshop’s results as well as future meetings on the matter.

Read the report on the workshop “Critical Approaches to Militarisation and Space” (March 20-21 2024) here.

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