Fellow Reports

The ScienceCampus EEGA offers an Open Access Library with publications of EEGA members and fellows. The Open Access library includes the fellows scientific reports, articles as well as conference reports.

Video Interview with Fredericke Weiner

Research project: Recent Feminist Activism in Eastern Europe in a European and Global Context


Video Interview with Katarina Ristic

Research project: Transnational Memory of Balkan NATO Interventions


Video Interview with Luka Ekhavia

The Patriot Camps as experimental Spaces for Exercising the Memory Politics of the Post-Rose Revolution Regime and for Mass Mobilization of the Youth


Video Interview with Mashkhura Babadjanova

Research project: Analysing the impact of climate change on wheat productivity in Central Asia


Video Interview with Miriam Meir and Simon Behnisch

Research project Meir: The Conceptualization of the Nation, Eastern Europe, Europe, and the Global by Religious and Non-religious Convictional Actors in Poland and Eastern Germany; Research project Behnisch: Transition of law in partitioned Poland in 19th century. Its influence on building of the Second Polish Republic’s legal system


Video Interview with Torsten Lorenz

Research project: Rural cooperatives, agrarianism und the self-positioning of East Central Europe in the „first globalization“ (ca. 1870-1939). Comparisons and Transfers