IAMO Policy Brief – COVID-19, the fall in oil prices and the food security of low-income countries

The IAMO Policy BriefCOVID-19, the fall in oil prices and the food security of low-income countries“ by Maximilian Heigermoser and Thomas Glauben deals with the possible effects of the Covid-related global shutdown on the food security of low-income countries. In particular, the study looks at African countries whose households and economies are dependent on crude oil exports and which at the same time are able to support their basic food supply through grain imports. The letter concludes that the supply of staple foods in these countries is once again at risk. In particular Russia, Ukraine and Romania are explicitly mentioned in the letter because they are important suppliers of grain to Africa on the one hand and are currently targeting grain export restrictions on the other.

The Policy Brief emphasises the need for solidarity on the part of the international community of states, speaks out in favour of the necessity of smooth international and supra-regional food trade and warns of increasingly emerging calls for self-sufficiency and de-globalisation.


Please read here the Policy Brief in English, in Russian or in German language.

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