CfA: More-than-human borderlands and mobilities in Central and Eastern Europe

EEGA’s Research Area Coordinator Jonathan Everts (Research Area 1) together with our Affiliate Researchers Larissa Fleischmann, Kristine Beurskens and Bettina Bruns organises a workshop on “More-than-human borderlands and mobilities in Central and Eastern Europe”, December 1-2, 2022 in Halle/Leipzig.

This workshop seeks to integrate our complex relations with viruses, animals, objects and technologies in the study of borders and mobilities. For this purpose, we suggest to look at borders as more-than human compositions spanning a multitude of both human and nonhuman elements. We ask how borders and other spatial barriers filter, channel, or block (non)human mobilities in Central and Eastern Europe. We are also interested in how ‘unruly’ border crossings of all kinds of beings and matters co-constitute, challenge or subvert practices and infrastructures of border control. In the past years, posthumanist and more-than-human approaches have experienced a rise to prominence across the social sciences. This workshop explores the relevance of these perspectives for mobility and border studies.

A limited number of places is still available for this workshop. Funding (travel, accommodation) is available for a small number of participants. Funding will be provided by EEGA. Please send your abstracts (of 250 words) to by July 1st, 2022. To enable a vivid and fruitful exchange of research topics and experiences in this field we choose a format with a small number of contributions. Work in progress is equally welcome as discussions of research results or conceptual/methodological approaches.

For more information, please see the full text of the call.