EEGA at ENIUGH congress in The Hague, 2023

With a panel on “Transregional Perspectives on Peace and Security – Conflict Trends and Responses in ‘Global East’ and ‘Global South’” EEGA will be part of the Seventh European Congress on World and Global History, which will take place in The Hague from 29 June to 1 July 2023.

Under the main congress theme “Conflict and Inequity, Peace and Justice: Local, Regional and International Perspectives”, the organisers aim to discuss causes of conflict and inequity as well as the corollary features of various quests for peace and justice. These causes and quests have shaped the lives of peoples and the development of sociopolitical orders in all historical periods and around the globe.

Connecting individual research projects on everyday security practices at national borders in the ‘Global East’, with studies on conflict trends and prevention mechanisms in societies in the ‘Global South’, the EEHA panel (convenor: Lena Dallywater) relates new empirical research findings to the overall issue of conflict and inequity in the first two decades of the 21st century. How do societies and larger entities react to violent extremism, xenophobic attacks, and border conflicts? How are communities reimagined and how does this effect bordering practices and security concerns?

Whilst individual papers embed their studies in broader research trends and themes (such as the ‘Global East’, ‘Eastern Europe as Global Area’, ‘Peace and Security in Africa’), the main aim of this panel is to introduce new angles on understanding reactions to conflict and insecurities – both perceived as well as lived everyday-experiences, and the security practices that result from them, from local individual levels, like the Polish Territorial Defence Forces, to international organisations such as the African Union. With a view on historical trajectories and legacies, the panelists aim to tease out connections and comparisons from a transregional perspective.

The panel will be financially supported by EEGA and features Felix Kumah-Abiwu (Kent State University, Ohio, USA), Bettina Bruns (IfL, Leipzig, Germany), Gilad Ben-Nun (Global & European Studies Institute (GESI), Leipzig University, Germany), and Chris Saunders (University of Cape Town, South Africa). Ulf Engel (Leipzig University, Germany) will serve as discussant.