Monthly EEGA-Colloquium to start in October 2020 – a forum for Global, Transregional and Eastern European Studies in Leipzig – Halle – Jena

This October, the EEGA starts a monthly Colloquium for researchers, students and interested guests involved in the fields of Global, Transregional and Eastern European Studies, and all neighboring disciplines. The Colloquium serves as a hub and melting pot for research in Leipzig – Halle – Jena, crossing borders and strengthening the network between the various academic and research institutions in the region. Here, researchers from EEGA’s partners, EEGA’s own Research Areas and holders of the EEGA Fellowship enjoy the limelight of an expert forum to present and discuss activities, projects, strategies and plans.

The Colloquium incorporates events at EEGA’s partner institutions, thus offering a stage with a broader audience and building up momentum for development and outreach within an overarching framework. The Colloquium takes place once or twice every month. Please, be our guest and contribute; learn more about event dates and contents etc. here or subscribe to the EEGA news dispatcher.