EEGA’s first edited volume to be published in June

EEGA’s first edited volume „Southern African Liberation Movements and the Global Cold War ‘East’. Transnational Activism 1960–1990“ is going to be published in June 2019 (ed. by Lena Dallywater, Chris Saunders and Helder Adegar Fonseca) by DE GRUYTER OLDENBOURG.

In the book, authors from South Africa, Portugal, Austria and Germany ask: What role did actors in both Southern Africa and Eastern Europe play? What can we learn by looking at biographies in a time of increasing racial and international conflict? And which „creative solutions“ need to be found, to combine efforts of actors from various ideological camps? Building on archival sources from various regions in different languages, case studies presented in the edition try to encounter the lack of a coherent state of the art. They aim at combining the sometimes scarce sources with qualitative interviews to give answers to the many open questions regarding Southern African liberation movements and their connections to the „East“.

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