13.09., 7 pm: Talk on „Decolonizing Eastern Europe?“

Former EEGA Postdoc Fellow Zoltán Ginelli gives a talk at the GRASSI Museum für Völkerkunde in Leipzig on 13 September at 7pm on „Decolonizing Eastern Europe? Global History and the Politicization of Colonialism in Hungary“!

In his lecture, Ginelli calls for an urgent critical reassessment of the trending politicization of coloniality and decolonial approaches in Eastern Europe. From Viktor Orbán’s anti-EU „colonial turn“ (2012) to the Russian „colonization“ of Ukraine (2022), the region’s coloniality has been deglobalized through exceptionalism, provincialism and nationalist victimhood only to fuel intra-European conflicts between „colonizers“ and „non-colonizers“.

By exploring Hungary’s complicated global history of colonialism, this lecture shows how a semiperipheral in-betweenness underpins this contradictory political appropriation and denial of global colonial and racial entanglements in political discourse and cultural politics.

Please, see here the event flyer. The talk will be in English.