Cultures of Internationalism and Internationalism of Cultures

Stefan Keym / Yvonne Kleinmann / Katja Castryck-Naumann

International collaboration as well as intercultural transfers and entanglements are two crucial and partly overlapping domains in which actors from the region positioned themselves in global relations and processes. Such developments have a long intriguing tradition, speeding up and expanding spatially since the middle of the 19th century.

Research Area 4 investigates Eastern European actors, initiatives, strategies and positions in international exchanges, movements and organisations, which interconnected the societies of the region in multiple ways. In parallel, Research Area 4 explores a wide range of cultural fields – music, literature and other arts, and in a broader sense also legal, political and scholarly cultures – to gain a nuanced understanding of the potentials and limits of cultural globalisation in Eastern Europe, including its dialectic relationship with the search for imperial, national and regional identifications, and of the impact of Eastern Europeans on international cultural developments.