Programme for the 2022 BASEES Annual Conference now available

The first draft of the programme for the 2022 BASEES Annual Conference is now available here. The programme will change a bit as time goes on. Please refer to the link above for the latest programme. The conference will be held on site Friday, 8 April 2022 to Sunday, 10 April 2022 in Cambridge, UK.

EEGA will have a panel and a round table discussion at the conference.

Venue: Robinson College
Location: Grange Road, Cambridge, UK
Country: United Kingdom

For more information on the conference, registration, fees etc, please see the conference website.

Roundtable: “Eastern Europe, the Soviet Union, and African Decolonization: New Perspective”


Lena Dallywater, (Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography)
Christopher Saunders, (University of Cape Town)
Helder Adegar Fonseca, (University of Evora)
Natalia Telepneva, (University of Strathclyde)

When? 8-April-2022, at 16:00 (British Summer Time (GMT+1))
Where? Room 11

Panel: “New Regionalisms in Eastern Europe”

Chair: Sebastian Lentz
Discussant:Sebastian Lentz


Dr Ekaterina Mikhailova: “Movers and Shakers of Local New Regionalism on Russian borders with Norway and Finland”

Prof Corey Johnson: “Energy Regionalisms in Central and Eastern Europe”

Prof Margarita Balmaceda: “Nodes, the (Re)Ordering of Energy Spaces and Regionalism: A case study of Flows from Russia to the EU”

When? 9-April-2022, at 09:00 (British Summer Time (GMT+1)
Where? Room 17