Paula Zücker

Stay at EEGA: mid-February – end of March 2019

Paula Zücker studies Sociology at the University of Leipzig since October 2017. In August 2018 she took part at the program “Global challenges” of the Diplomatic Academy in Moscow. Her research interests lie in historical, cultural and political developments in countries, especially in Eastern Europe and in the Middle East.

In the Global and European Studies Institute Newsletter #1 – April 2019 Paula Zücker reported on her experience as an intern at EEGA:

I currently have the opportunity to be an intern for six weeks at the LeibnizScienceCampus „Eastern Europe- Global Area“(EEGA) . The EEGA is an integrative platform and collaborative research network that focuses on the development of new research perspectives on Eastern Europe’s changing role in the current and historical processes of globalization. EEGA’s research expands in areas like political integration, cultural perspectives and migration and mobility.

The tasks in my internship are challenging and exciting at the same time. They include collaboration on specific research projects, preparation, and participation at events (like Science-Lounges, Workshops or lectures of researchers) and writing articles for our newsletter. The internship at EEGA is a great networking opportunity for me as it enables me to meet many renowned researchers and professors.

During my first weeks, the main task of my internship was helping to organize EEGA’s upcoming Science-Lounge under the topic „Islamophobia in Eastern Europe“ (open for interested: 29.04., Leipzig). I also write a short paper about Islamophobia in Europe and EEGA will give me the opportunity to publish it at the Open Access Library after its completion. Moreover, I was responsible for drafting the invitations for special guests (politicians, professors etc.).

All in all, this internship gives me a much better understanding of how it is to be a scientist who works collaboratively together with others at an exciting place like ScienceCampus EEGA. It also provides me the opportunity to gain new perspectives on global issues and to meet many fascinating people.

If you got interested to work with the EEGA there are many opportunities on how to do so. In general, EEGA focuses on supporting young researchers. Besides an internship, there is also the possibility to apply for a scholarship for one’s Bachelor or Master thesis or a spot as post-doc. Through several programmes and training workshops, EEGA brings together young researchers from different regions and supports them in their academic career.