Amelie Stelter

My name is Amelie Stelter and I am currently completing a ten-week compulsory internship at the EEGA in Leipzig. In the upcoming summer semester, I will be writing my bachelor’s thesis in political science at University of Heidelberg.
I applied for an internship at the  IfL and EEGA because I wanted to get to know the diverse tasks and fields of a research institute as well as the different formats within which knowledge is transferred. EEGA’s multidisciplinary approach and the wide-ranging topics established by the five Research Areas especially appealed to me.
My personal research interests lie particularly in peace and conflict research, and with its focus on Eastern Europe, EEGA offers me insights into regions that are not usually at the center of conflict research. I am looking forward to gaining new perspectives on the region and on spatiality and space-making as well as working on some projects, such as the Ukraine Anthology and Cooperation and Conflict in Eastern Europe (KonKoop).