Yevheniia Shyshkina

Research Area 2

Stay at EEGA: March – August 2024

Research Project: From Internationalism to Imperial Nationalism: “Russkij mir” in the Russian-Ukrainian Information War of 2014-2022

Yevheniia Shyshkina heads the Ukrainian History Sector at the Department of Ukrainian Studies, Cultural Studies and History of Science at the National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”. She is a lecturer of the courses „Methodology of Historical Research“ for PhD students and „History and Culture of Ukraine“ for Bachelors.

In 2004, Yevheniia Shyshkina graduated from the Faculty of History of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv University and received the qualifications of an archivist and a lecturer in history and socio-political sciences. She defended her dissertation in the field of historical source study and special historical disciplines in 2008. Having earned an additional master’s degree in management in 2011, Yevheniia Shyshkina was able also to conduct historical-economic research.

She has 20 years of teaching experience, covering a variety of socio-political and economic courses. Yevheniia Shyshkina regularly conducts workshops for schoolteachers and university professors on digital learning tools. She has more than 90 publications.

Yevheniia Shyshkina constantly participates in scientific conferences. In 2021, she supervised in the Sumy region of Ukraine the research project of the Holocaust Memorial Center „Babi Yar“ „Voices. Holocaust Testimonies in Ukraine“ and recorded 100 audio and video interviews. From 2022 to 2023, she was a VolkswagenStiftung Fellow at Moldova-Institut Leipzig e.V. and worked on the project „Unspeakable? Life Stories of Ukrainian War Refugees in Germany,“ during which she recorded 25 interviews with Ukrainian asylum-seekers.

She has been researching Russian-Ukrainian relations for the last 12 years. Yevheniia Shyshkina has published articles on comparative studies of Russian and Ukrainian historical science, education, and foreign policy.

During her fellowship at EEGA, she will work on the project “From Internationalism to Imperial Nationalism: “Russkij mir” in the Russian-Ukrainian Information War of 2014-2022”. The results of the study will contribute to the further development of the research area „Cultures of Internationalism and Internationalism of Cultures“, enriching it with the discourse of internationalism-imperial nationalism in relation to the perception of the “ Russkij mir“ by the countries of Eastern Europe in the last decade.