Golib Sanaev

Research Area 3

Stay at EEGA: September 2019 – February 2020

Research project: „Uzbekistan’s integration into global cotton markets: The role of technological and institutional change“

Dr.Golib Sanaev specializes in agricultural Innovations and technology adoption in agriculture. His academic interests include quantitatively investigation the factors affecting farmers’ adoption decisions and their effects on a rural population in irrigated areas of Central Asia. He holds a PhD in agricultural and resource economics from Kangwon National University, South Korea (2017). The title of his PhD dissertation was “Analysis of Technical Efficiency and the Contract Preferences of Farmers in the Samarkand Region, Uzbekistan.” Currently, Dr. Golib Sanaev is involved in the SUSADICA project as a local supervisor at Tashkent Institute of irrigation and agricultural mechanization Engineers where he is working with Prof. Dr.Thomas Herzfeld and Dr. Nodir Djanibekov from IAMO on Agricultural Innovations and Technology research area.

During his stay at EEGA, he develops and prepares applications for more extended funding for a project “Uzbekistan’s integration into global cotton markets: The role of technological and institutional change”. The project will focus more on the social implications of cotton harvest mechanization in a transitional context. The project will benefit from research discussions with colleagues from other EEGA institutes with research experience in rural Central Asia and other transition countries. Existing experiences on rural transformations in transition economies from sociological perspectives within the research groups Mobilities and Migration of IfL will provide new research ideas for this project. The cooperation with the EEGA institutes will facilitate research across economics and sociology. In this way, it will initiate complementary collaboration which will be useful for further research on rural transformation in Central Asia.