Aigerim Kaimanova

Research Area 2

About myself an my project: One Road One Belt Initiative: Its Impact on post-Communist States

I am currently an undergraduate student pursuing “International relations and European studies” degree in Metropolitan University Prague, Czech Republic.
My research project: One Road One Belt Initiative: Its Impact on post-Communist States

The research will be based on a close investigation of a massive initiative proposed in 2013 by the Chinese government called the “New Silk Road project”. This initiative promotes China’s ambitions to take a significant role in global affairs by becoming a centre of the new trading network and furthermore enhancing Chinese economic and political development. Work will have social and political implications as well as effects of given initiative will be traced down. Negative and positive influences over participating units. Also, the detailed analysis of the OBOR initiative will be done through extensive examination of its importance in the Balkan region as well as Central Asia. OBOR impact on transregional self-placement of such countries as Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Kazakhstan and further implications towards these states will be discovered. Therefore, research work will reveal how the OBOR influence chosen states and aftermath of these activities in the scope of the reactions to the initiative.

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