Science Lounge with Reinhard Veser

The third EEGA ScienceLounge took place on August 22, 2018, 7– 9 pm at the Campus Restaurant & Bistro, Leipzig.

The special guest this time was Reinhard Veser (experienced journalist and expert for Eastern Europe), who talked with Prof. Sebastian Lentz about his daily work, especially the developments and journalistic challenges within the coverage on Russia and Russian topics in German media. Veser emphasised the importance of a careful writing and quoting in Russia. He enjoyed visiting the country during the football world championship this year, because the people were very enthusiastic about the event, and Russia presented itself very liberal-minded. Veser told that the feedback of his readers is of high importance in his daily work that starts every morning right after getting up. Being asked about his wishes concerning the communication with scientists, Veser answered that they should learn to show up the relevance of their research topic and to explain the main facts to non-experts in a simple way.

Some impressions of the event


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