Habilitation by EEGA staff member Gilad Ben-Nun

Gilad Ben-Nun, EEGA staff member and EEGA textbook editor, successfully completed his habilitation at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Philosophy at the University of Leipzig. The EEGA congratulates!

The corresponding publication for the habilitation „The Fourth Geneva Convention for Civilians. The History of International Humanitarian Law“ has already appeared in February this year by Bloomsbury. For more information on the book, please click here.

Besides his habilitation Gilad Ben-Nun and Katja Naumann are working on the EEGA textbook „Global Eastern Europe“, in which three years of EEGA research are brought together. At the same time it emphasizes the importance of transregional perspectives on Eastern Europe: regarding, for instance, its global and regional entanglements and (self-)positioning in current and historical globalisation processes.