Globalizing Eastern Europe – New Perspectives on Transregional Entanglements of an often Neglected Region

The ScienceCampus „Eastern Europe – Global Area“ (EEGA) organizes a two-days Workshop on „Globalizing Eastern Europe – New Perspectives on Transregional Entanglements of an often Neglected Region“ on 13-14th of November 2019 in New York City.

Discussing jointly the role of Eastern Europe means to put a topic at the centre of debate where the perspectives could not be more different when public discourses are compared. It is not simply an often neglected region that is in the focus of the event, but very central issues of the interpretation of today’s world order are at stake ranging from multi-polarity to transregional connectedness. The event planned thus goes far beyond a traditional concept of dissemination of achieved research results to a foreign audience. On the contrary, it is envisaged to strengthen an intellectual exchange that remains the pillar of the transatlantic relationship.

The event is meant to present recent findings of this network and to engage in a debate with colleagues from the US how to look at this often neglected region when it comes to the search of Russia and East Central Europe for an adequate position in today’s world order. In times of speechlessness in the political dialogue, the academic realm creates a platform for exchange on this pressing issue. In a first panel specific reactions to environmental problems and new geopolitical ambitions as well as specific reactions to migration will be discussed both from an historical and contemporary perspective, but also attempts to integrate the vast post-Soviet space economically at times of the rise of China. A second panel of the event will be devoted to historical roots of these current geopolitical ambitions.

Please visit the website of the NYU Jordan Center for Advanced Study of Russia for more information on the event.

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