EEGA Science Lounge “Visualising War” in Cooperation with KonKoop

Date: Thursday, 6 June 2024, 5.00 pm – 7.00 pm

Venue: Tagungslounge Leipzig

Guests: Monica Rüthers (Universität Hamburg), Bohdan Shumylovych (Ukrainian Catholic University, Center for Urban History) and Petra Bopp (independent art historian)

Moderationed by Mela Žuljević (Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography)

The full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine is one of the most visually documented conflicts in the history of war globally. Different actors and parties produce and publish various kinds of images and visual representations on daily basis: social media photos and videos, crowdsourced maps of conflict sites, journalist reports, drone and satellite images, etc.

With this event, we would like to discuss the following questions:

– What is the role of visual material in documenting the war, as well as in influencing its public perception and political decision-making? How do visual analysis and visual history help us understand this?
– What does it mean to do visual history of war and how do we make sense of it as it is being made? What concepts, methods, approaches are relevant?
– What does the historical perspective reveal about the changing relevance of visualisations in the context of crimes against humanity and post-truth politics?
– How can scientific approaches support public history and accountability? What responsibilities do scientists have in public discussions and uses of visual documentation, especially as evidence and testimonies in legal and archival contexts?
– What ethical concerns arise in collecting, analysing and publishing sensitive visual documentation?

The event will be conducted in English (with German subtitles).


This event is a cooperation between the ScienceCampus Eastern Europe – Global Area and KonKoop.


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