Editorial Comment at TRAFO on „Southern African Liberation Movements and the Global Cold War ‚East'“ by Lena Dallywater, Chris Saunders and Adegar Fonseca

TRAFO – Blog for Transregional Research – just published an Editorial Comment on the volume „Southern African Liberation Movements and the Global Cold War ‚East‘ – Transnational Activism 1960-1990“ (2019) edited by EEGA coordinator and researcher of the Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography, Lena Dallywater, Emeritus Professor at the University of Cape Town, Chris Saunders, and coordinating researcher of CICP-Research Center in Political Science at the University of Évora, Helder Agegar Fondseca.

The anthology „Southern African Liberation Movements and the Global Cold War ‚East'“ is the first to place the South African liberation movements of the late 20th century in the context of the Cold War and the related question of the role of the so-called „East“. By focusing on case studies of individuals, their mobilities and transregional and national networks, the authors shed light on the characteristic, but sometimes contradictory, even changing histories of the actors and alliances of these movements. At the same time, the liberation movements and their worldwide connections shed light on the global Cold War for the first time beyond traditional research subjects such as the institutions of the bloc states and their relations. „Southern African Liberation Movements and the Global Cold War ‚East'“ thus not only follows on from more recent research on the liberation of South African countries from colonialism and apartheid, but also makes an important contribution to Global and Area Studies, and in particular to the question of formative globalisation processes in Eastern Europe and beyond.

For more information about the edited volume see our EEGA section Edited Volumes.

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