11.01. Perspectives from art and culture on the protests in Belarus – Digital Talk

For more than three months, people in Belarus have been taking to the streets to raise their voices against Alexander Lukashenko’s authoritarian system. More than 25,000 people have been arrested to date, many of them injured by the brutal actions of the police forces, and several people have died. More and more opposition members are leaving the country, and the remaining democracy movement is appealing to the international community for support. Our series of talks follows the call for solidarity of the German Association for East European Studies and invites representatives of the Belarusian civil society to share their perspectives and report on different facets and topics of the protests. You are invited to join the talks and engage in the discussion.

The third lecture (in German language) in the series of talks will be dedicated to the Perspectives of art and culture on the current events in Belarus. Therefore, the organisers are pleased to welcome translator, cultural manager and essayist Iryna Herasimovich.

Welcome and introduction:
Yuliya Komarynets – Regional Group Young DGO Leipzig

Iryna Herasimovich – Translator, cultural manager and essayist in Belarus

Dr. Nadine Menzel – Leipzig University

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