Short-Term Stays

Applications for short-term fellowships are possible at any time.

  • Deadline for applications for winter term: 15 January (start of the fellowships between 1 September and 28 February)
  • Deadline for applications for summer term: 15 July (start of the fellowships between 1 March – 31 August)
  • Funding period: min. 4 days to max. 4 weeks

The EEGA invites for applications for a short-term stay of visiting scholars at the member institutions of the ScienceCampus in Leipzig, Halle and Jena. We explicitly invite scholars at the PostDoc-level from the region to stay at the EEGA for a short-term fellowship, but also encourage applications from senior researchers from other countries who are active in the fields of Eastern European Studies, European Studies, Global and Area Studies, and the disciplines involved in the EEGA. We welcome proposals for short stays for a) guest lectures or other teaching formats in the MA- and PhD-programmes affiliated with the EEGA, b) workshops and networking meetings with junior and senior scholars in the EEGA, and c) collaboration in joint publication projects.

Applications must be related to the research focus of one or more research areas of the EEGA. Preparatory contact with the respective research area coordinators is advised. As the EEGA is devoted to interdisciplinary approaches, applications which connect more than one member institution of the ScienceCampus are highly welcome.

The duration of the stay relates to the scope and type of activity envisaged. It may not exceed 4 weeks. The support of visits for the execution of individual research projects unrelated to EEGA activities is not foreseen.


EEGA disseminates collaborative research results into academia by open access publications and into the public by organising public events and employing social media. For this dissemination the EEGA closely cooperates with the e-journal “Connections” ( in mutually profiting collaboration. The ScienceCampus EEGA publishes about two to three “EEGA@connections” issues every year and has its own column “EEGA in dialogue” on the “Connections” website. Short-term Guest Researchers are asked to submit their project outlines and first findings for publication here. Single articles by EEGA Guest Researchers shall feature both the discussion of a current state of research as well as the depiction of the specific topic the researcher is currently working on. Scientific interviews in the column “EEGA in dialogue” are supposed to give a brief overview of the state of research followed by insights into the research project of the author. The journal’s editors in cooperation with the Steering Committee of the Leibniz ScienceCampus EEGA decide upon the acceptance of submissions for publication and organise the peer-review process.

Guest scholars are kindly invited to present their research focus/project at internal colloquia of the partner institution(s) or at EEGA main events. Residency in the Leipzig-Halle-Jena region during the stay at EEGA is binding.


The Leibniz ScienceCampus EEGA supports successful applicants substantially as well as financially in form of short-term fellowships. Rates are defined individually, related to duration and purpose of the stay in Leipzig, Halle or Jena. Fellowships are intended to cover the recipients’ costs of living in the Leipzig-Jena-Halle science region and may not be used to supplement grants from other funding organizations or income from employment.

Applications must include:

1. EEGA Application Form
2. CV (incl. Publication List)

Please submit your application as 1 PDF (max. 10 pages, 3 MB) to