Presentations at International Conferences

Applications for funding for the presentation at international conferences connected to the EEGA subject (e.g. ASEES, BASEES, ASN) are possible at any time.

  • Deadline for applications: three months before the respective event (when the paper / panel has been accepted)
  • Funding sum: max. 500 Euro within Europe and max. 1.000 Euro (outside Europe)

The Leibniz ScienceCampus EEGA is highly interested in expanding its internationalisation. We therefore encourage applications for presentations at international conferences (single papers, panels or roundtables) in the field of research of EEGA. Applications must be related institutionally to one of the EEGA partner institutions (directly or through existing cooperations) and topically to the research focus of one or more research areas. Preparatory contact with the respective research area coordinators is advised. As EEGA is devoted to interdisciplinary approaches, applications which connect more than one member institution of the ScienceCampus are highly welcome.

We explicitly invite scholars at the PostDoc-level from the member institutions of the ScienceCampus in Leipzig, Halle and Jena, but also encourage applications from senior researchers from other countries who are active in the fields of Eastern European Studies, European Studies, Global and Area Studies, and the disciplines involved in the EEGA. Proposals for whole EEGA panels are highly welcome.

The Science Campus provides subsidies for travel expenses (flight and accommodation) for the respective EEGA fellow and in case of EEGA panels the respective panellists (for the max. funding sum see above). Reimbursements and payments will be handled by EEGA. Funds have to be used economically and planned expenses need to be ratified by the EEGA coordination. Necessary guidelines can be provided.


The scholar(s) presenting at the international conference are asked to

  • mention and display the ScienceCampus EEGA as supporter of the participation on presentations, in abstracts and reports,
  • inform the EEGA coordination about changes in the outset of the presentation / panel,
  • use the financial support by EEGA for measures and purposes that are stated in the application and that have been acknowledged by the EEGA coordination only,
  • to submit a summary of the panel / paper in form of a conference report for publication in the EEGA@connections series of the online journal “connections” ( The editorial board of the journal will provide advise regarding layout, scope and quality of your publication.
  • to provide, if possible, pictures of the event (good quality with min. 300 dpi, no mobile phone pictures!) for our annual report and other public relations purposes (e.g. the EEGA website),
  • to provide data regarding participants and output of the event for EEGA statistics.

Applications must include:

1. EEGA Application Form
2. CVs (of all panelists)
3. Calculation of expected costs
4. Publication List

Please submit your application as 1 PDF (max. 14 pages, 4 MB) to